Welcome to SURU PHARMA

Suru Pharma is one of the leading and respected suppliers of various types of Pharmaceutical Ingredients / Excipients / Chemicals and every requirement of pharmaceuticals industries in Gujarat State. Established in 1985 the company initiated API Trading in Gujarat region.

Since inception, Suru Pharma was involved in domestic trading of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). The Company made use of the best of its resources and manpower to strengthen its network with the finest manufacturers in India. Prompted by its rich experience in domestic trading, Suru Pharma continued to pursue every opportunity that arose in the process. Suru Phama can be best described as focusing on the needs of the customersand reliably providing support to our customers to propel their respective businesses forward.

We are the Distributors of few leading API manufacturing companies of India such as AurobindoPharma Ltd., RlFine Chem, Glenmark Generic Ltd.and many more.